7 Reasons for Hiring a Licensed Tourist Guide

In Italy the Tourist Guide is a professional figure with a regional or provincial license that guarantees his skills.

Today in Italy there is also the figure of the National Guide that will allow you to enjoy all the beauties of our country.
However, it is often thought that the Tourist Guide is an outdated figure, given the amount of information found on the internet.

The role of the Tourist Guide, however, goes beyond that of the information booklet, it has a set of notions, skills and abilities that help to solve and face a whole series of travel-related problems, as well as providing a personal point of view on the place that you intend to visit, thus effectively creating a personal connection between the tourist and the place you intend to visit.

1. Your guide will be a window to the culture and mentality of the country you visit.
He’s your instant fact finder to ask about anything that sparks your curiosity. He’ll tell you about the customs, habits, mores and morals of his people, and explain all the curious things that make his country different from yours.

2. He can offer tips on where and what to eat, what to enjoy and what to avoid.
He can tailor a tour to your needs and tastes. He can adapt, delivering a playful tour to a family with children and an fact-filled one to a group of history buffs.

3. He will save you time and effort.
He will know all the facts to be found in the best guide book, plus countless others no book can contain. He will have answers for you just when you ask them, without taking time to leaf through 500 pages to look something up.

4. He will know the best route, plus a few shortcuts the book doesn’t mention.

5. He’ll be updated, and will know all about changes in opening hours, timetables, and so on.

6. He will know about the strikes and other events that may upset your schedule.

7. He can help in case of something unexpected.

These are just some of the most important reasons for hiring a tourist guide. If you want to discover others, you just have to follow us, see you soon around.